I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist living in Bloomington, Indiana. At times I work primarily as a painter, extensively traveling with my watercolors and creating oil paintings in the studio. And for periods, the melodrama but yet playfulness of stained glass is my primary interest. In my glass work, I  develop designs and play with how light interacts with dueling and friendly colors. In addition, I regularly collaborate with my husband Bart Smith to design and build skateparks, interactive public sculptures, and smaller works like the bike themed stained glass with wire art.


My artistic inspirations are extensive and include artists such as Ann Hamilton, Cindy Sherman, Artemisia Gentileschi, Hundertwasser, Jack Butler Yeats, Paul Henry, Frank Lloyd Wright, the artists of the Tiffany Stained Glass Studio, Bansky, and numerous contemporaries in all fields including the theater and craft/folk art. I relentlessly visit museums, sculpture gardens, attend theatrical performances, galleries, seek out street art, study architecture, and sustain an ongoing amazement of children’s art. To fulfill these desires, I travel often and collect art. I admire the art collector of any stature. I find them very lucky to be surrounded with living art and enlightened enough to understand the importance of supporting our collective artistic culture.



Born in Lima, Ohio in 1975, Christy Wiesenhahn studied in the BFA Painting and Art Education programs at Indiana University. After graduation, she taught painting classes and workshops throughout the Bloomington community, to ages from 4-86, at venues such as the Ivy Tech Waldron Arts Center, The Adult Community Center, and the IU Art Museum. More recently, she has been working with local theater and opera houses as a scenic painter. She appreciates the large scale of the work, aged techniques, and the multi-disciplinary artistic collaborations that can occur in this historically enduring environment. She often goes by the names Christy Weezer, Christy Ouiser, Ouiser, Christy Brigid, or simply Brigid.

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